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like a polaroid picture?

okay. the new outkast song wants me to not give a glance to my pile of french stuff i have to study. i want to dance around and eat pineapples. seriously.

today was good. i heard it was windy in st. augustine so i went. i pretended it was christmas most of the day. it was cold and wet and i visited every christmas store (there are lots). i ate pumpkin ice cream and my jacket was red and his was green.

i wish i could download the french language into my brain. it's so sad that i had no choice except to take ap french. if i didn't then every time i would walk by ms. gold she would turn into a puddle and make me slip on my conscience. i couldn't have that.

i got accepted to fsu. i don't want to go there. it's good that i was accepted though because mom bought me a balloon.
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