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some orthopaedic pediatric surgeon...

if you cheat on ms. de beche's tests, you seriously need to rethink your motives. because those tests are open book, and they are easy, and her class is very manageable. you don't even have to do homework if you don't want to.

so do not jump around happily because you cheated and got an a. you are cheating yourself out of any intelligence that you might have gained from actually reading and comprehending the material, which is not that hard to do. what is worse is that you are cheating at something that is incredibly easy. think of how much happier you would be if you actually got an a from your own genuine merit. prove to yourself that you are not an idiot.

today i stated my belief that cheating is vile and i got a response that was very unsettling.

well, some people have to actually work for their grades!!

i was unaware that cheating constitutes as 'working'.

i do not believe that i am so much smarter than everyone else that i can read the chapter and get a's on the tests, while the only way anyone else could possibly succeed is to cheat.
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